MindWise with Caitlin Krause

Welcome to 'The Hardy Brain' Podcast, where we dive deep into the realm of cognitive wellness and creativity! In our debut episode, we're honored to have Caitlin Krause, Stanford Digital Wellbeing Educator, author, and founder of mindwise, join us. From Stanford to Meta, Caitlin has shaped the digital landscape with her expertise. Tune in as we explore her mission to leverage mindfulness, storytelling, and design for better human-centered relationships with technology. Get ready to delve into the paradox of the machine, the power of rhythms and neuroscience findings on behavior change. Let's craft a new world of mindful technology together! 🌟 Find her at- https://caitlinkrause.com/ #TheHardyBrain #MindfulTechnology #DigitalWellbeing"